During our first year on the homestead we planted fruit trees, acquired some laying hens and jumped into bee keeping. We took a class through our local county extension office, which provided valuable information, yet showed us that beekeeping is still a mystery. We learn everyday we go to the yard. During our extraction, we don't use any heat, providing you with all natural, raw honey.

Common questions we are asked are outlined below: 

How many hives do you have?

We have the equipment to have ten hives. Currently, August 2020, we have six.

How much honey do you get?

So far, we have yielded about 10 gallons each season. While that may sound like a lot of honey, we are usually sold out. 

What do I do with my crystallized honey? 

Enjoy it! Nothing is wrong with crystallized honey. In fact, it's my preferred way to enjoy my coffee! 

Why doesn't your honey taste like last years honey?

Different bees, different plants and the time of year all impact the taste of honey. Our friends on the other side of Montezuma even have very different tasting honey! Ask your beekeeper to try their honey before purchasing. :)