Reserve Your Whole or half hog today!

Contact us to reserve your whole or half hog today! The next processing date for Guinea hogs is August 2021. 

Our pasture raised hogs are raised on our homestead, enjoying the grass and rooting around like a pig should! The American Guinea Hog is a heritage breed of pig, meaning they are a traditional breed of pig, raised before confinements were popular. They produce excellent marbled meat, with a hanging weight of about 80 pounds. 


Processing and pick up

We will deliver your hog to Sully Locker. Once we know the hanging weight of the animal, you will pay us the price per pound for the meat. You will work with Sully Locker to determine your cuts of pork, and a pick-up date. If you are feeling overwhelmed choosing the cuts, we can help! You will pay Sully for the processing of the animal. A guinea hog's hanging weight is typically 80 to 90 pounds.

In short, you will owe Pleasant Grove Homestead $3.00 per pound for the cost of the animal and you will owe Sully locker roughly .88 cents per pound. This price varies a bit, ya know they gotta charge more for bacon. And you know you want bacon! 

Essentially you are filling your freezer with delicious, nutritious pork for $350 to $400 for a whole hog. 

Not interested in a whole or half?

It is definitely a better deal to get a whole or half a hog, but we understand! As available, we will have individual pork cuts available from the locker. We are happy to be your local place to buy meat, whether in bulk or by the piece!