Cloth Diaper Storage

A quick Pinterest search leaves us all feeling overwhelmed about how to begin our cloth diaper journey.

- I don't have that nice dresser

- My house is under total remodel

- I can't store much on my walls

- Our rooms are too small.

The list goes on and on...

Pinterest Search for Cloth Diaper Storage

We think of all the reasons we can't, but remember that Pinterest life is often WAY different than the lives most of us live. Use the inspiration and figure out what works for you.

In the short video below, I'm sharing my real set-up that works for our family with a 6 week old. We have a small bedroom, can't really use wall space and didn't want to spend lots of money. Also, her room is currently the only room with walls...

Before viewing, a few things to note about our set-up are that we also use cloth wipes, and our baby is only fed breast milk, meaning no rinsing is required for our cloth. It's not super handy that the diaper basket is behind the chair but it's been the most feasible option so far.

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