Fresh off the farm eggs

Our happy hens spend the day foraging and scratching for bugs, as any bird should. This provides a deep yellow yolk loaded with more Omega-3's than your store-bought egg. Typically, eggs are laid the day you get them from us.. 

Fresh, farm raised chicken eggs are $2.50 a dozen. We accept cash and EBT (SNAP) cards.


We sell whole birds, often called fryers or broilers. They are raised on pasture and supplemented with feed. Due to their foraging, they have greater muscle tone and more tender meat than a conventionally raised bird. In 2021, our processor changed to a non USDA processor, but still an inspected facility.


Price for 2021 is $3.25 a pound. Contact us for availability and pick-up options year round! We accept cash and EBT (SNAP) cards.